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Yes, you can activate alerts when you reach the overall company limit and/or for intermediate values based on your request
Yes, you can send an mail to support@habble.it when you set up the platform, that is while providing the data required for the activation
Operating system “TEM” Module “Mobile Network” Module
iOS Only for data traffic
BlackBerry OS
Windows phone Only for data traffic

You can analyse data with the TEM module. after importing data downloaded from your supplier’s portal

Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari

There are different types of flat tariffs based on actual use. Habble allows analysing actual traffic volumes in order to identify and compare the most convenient offers on the market. If you have customised tariffs for each of your devices, aimed at maximising saving, Habble allows you to measure the actual volumes of each of your devices, in order to be able to adjust the amount of minutes and internet traffic available

Not entirely, the information available on where a mobile device is located is the “nation” inferred by the network from which calls are made or received (the same information reported on phone bills). The device is not localised by GPS

As in normal charge reports, you can view the extension numbers and the phone numbers of company SIMs as regards outgoing calls. You can also request these details by sending an email to support@habble.it, associating numbers to name and surname; as regards incoming calls, you can view only part of the number

Call mapping is obtained through the localisation of external numbers (“numbers receiving the call” for calls made, “numbers making the call” for those received). Therefore, based on prefixes for fixed numbers, and on nations for mobile numbers. Habble pinpoints the geographical area the external phone number involved in the call belongs to. As regards how accurate mapping time is, maximum tolerance is related to connection frequency, set every 30’

It’s the name given to all the calls relating to the extensions that are not censused by Habble

In order to add telephone extensions directly, you simply have to log in to the Client Area with your credentials and add extensions through the specific filters of the “extension” section

Certainly. Habble allows removing disused telephone extensions; if you wish to keep track of the information stored up until that moment, you will simply need to create a group called “disused extensions”, where past data will be stored. You can do this in the specific Client Area by logging in with your credentials

Certainly. Thanks to specific and competent support from computer law experts, all the aspects and obligations regarding compliance with privacy regulations have been dealt with very accurately

Yes, the platform features a specific section, “NOC mobile”, where you can view app status information