Thanks to the integration with its MDM (Mobile Device Management) partners, Habble extends support in company telecommunication control, activating the automatic functions of the dashboard


Insights automatically become management actions, reducing error risks and working times.

From monitoring to management

Continuous monitoring

Continuity of service prevents bill shocks and guarantees compliance with company policies by users.

Device locking and unlocking

Besides alerting functions, Habble, in its device version, can make phone lock automatic with change of password from a remote panel, with a view to managing critical situations, such as theft, loss, improper use not complying with policies.

Monitor your phone lines

Besides alerting functions, Habble, in its device version, prevents from critical situations relating to cost exceeding, bundle depletion, limit exceeding or improper use of company devices, thanks to the automation of traffic block:

  • Traffic, call, data, sms/mms enabling and disabling
  • Creation of White Lists for allowed numbers
  • Roaming traffic enabling/disabling

A direct and secure procedure

Our network of technological partners

Habble partner integrazioni - Samsung Knox
Habble partner integrazioni - MobileIron
Habble partner integrazioni - Samsung Knox

Habble Sharp mobile

Habble Mobile Sharp is the Android mobile application relying on Samsung Knox’s solutions and security platform, allowing remote traffic control.

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