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By using our Services, you agree to these terms. Please read them carefully.

Habble’s data processing policy measures to protect customer data.

Habble is committed to comply with security measures and in particular ensures that:

All data sent by the owner’s smartphone and entered by the user in the Habble software are encrypted through HTTPS sessions, the protected communication system that combines the HTTP protocol and the TransportLayer Security (SSL/TLS), that allows completely secure end-to-end data exchange;

– Habble only processes data related to the installation, activation, management and billing of the services offered. Habble has no access to data in free or aggregated form related to fixed telephony, mobile or data traffic performance of the Client. In particular, Habble undertakes to respect the procedure whereby the external numbers displayed on the platform will have the last three digits obscured. It is possible to fully display these numbers at the Client’s request through a signed release.

The service is structured with existing standards in line with worldwide security protocols (Https; Java Framework; Corporate Firewall; VPN with IPSec).

– Habble guarantees a daily backup of the customer’s data and a history of telecommunications data for the previous 12 months.

Processing of the customer’s personal data-Exclusive responsibility and indemnity for the processing by the customer of any third party data.

The parties mutually acknowledge that they have received the privacy policy with reference to Regulation (EU) 2016/679. The Customer undertakes, where necessary, to collect, subject to appropriate information, the consent of third parties if, in the use of the system, should it become necessary to do so in relationship with them.


Communication of data to third parties

If it becomes necessary, in order to improve the services offered, the data provided voluntarily by users may also be processed in whole or in part by companies related to Habble and external consultants, as well as third party service providers. Habble guarantees the respect, security and confidentiality of data.

The Customer hereby authorizes Habble to allow the intervention of third parties without prior notice.


Use of Google Analytics for the production of statistics for internal use

In order to improve the app,. the service and reliability that the app offers, Habble uses Google Analytics services. The data collected are as follows: quantity, operating system and model of the devices on which the app is installed; screens and features most used by users; reports of problems with application operation.


Administrator Permissions

The application requires “android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN” (administrator permissions) to take advantage of Samsung KNOX functionality on compatible devices, allowing you to activate limitations on mobile traffic, thus preventing the oncoming generation of unforeseen costs.

In order to ensure full transparency, every time a limitation is activated, the user will be notified through push notification or through the “Communications” section of the application.

For information on data processing by Google, please refer to the Google Analytics Privacy and Data Protection page.